Ben Elton – Time and time again (9.5/10)

We’ve all watched Ben’s shows, including the Young One’s and laughed. However, this book is not going to have you laughing – not once.

And that’s good. It’s brain twistingly good science fiction about the possible use/misuse of time travel, and that never ends up the way we hope it will.

The premise of the novel is that if you had one chance to change history, what moment in time would you go to, and what would you change.

Thus we find our hero, or perhaps anti-hero, Hugh Stanton on his trip through time thanks to Mr Isaac Newton, and the aptly names Chronations (from Chronos – the God of time).

I loved the richness of the book, the visual imagery of the words bought me back to the time and place set in the novel. Ben Elton has woven a tragic and chilling tale that takes you along with Hugh Stanton for the ride of a lifetime.

There’s all the makings of a great story: tragedy, loneliness, despair, hope, and duty. And you’ll enjoy every last page of this book; I did.

While I did not know what to expect when I chose it from the catalogue I’m really glad I decided to read this one.


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