Dan Hampton – The Hunter Killers (9/10)

This book is more than I expected it to be.

What I expected was a book about the gutsy, smart and adventurous men and their machines who were the first into harm’s way in the Vietnam air war against Russian built SA-2 SAMs – The original Wild Weasels.

While I expected to learn more about the pilots, and their fears, lives and experiences I found out a lot more about the foolishness and ego of LBJ, the egregious stupidity of Robert McNamara as well as the crazy situation of the military brass not reacting to the world as it was but as they wanted it to be. I devoured the 351 pages of the book, finding that the more I read the more I wanted to read.

This may not be the book for everyone. If you have read Robert Mason’s ‘Chickenhawk’ then you’ll find that ‘The Hunter Killer’s’ will enlighten you as to the misconduct of the US led war in South-east Asia.

Takeaway: 9 out of 10.


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