The Dark Fields – Alan Glynn (9/10)

The inspiration for the movie ‘Limitless’ and the 2015 TV series of the same name the Dark Fields is a rich first novel. And what a premise: a drug can expand your mind and allow you to use all of it.

And oh the ride that our protagonist is on. Riches, the rush of understanding it all, and being able to control it all.

But then the inevitable crash, so like Icarus, flying too close to the sun.

I’ve really enjoyed reading this and found the more I got into the book the less likely I was to put it down. Now I’ve not seen the 2011 movie, or anything on the new series yet, and that is all for the better. After all the books are always better than the movie.

Update 01 November 2015

I’ve seen the movie finally, starring Bradley Cooper, and while I still prefer the book and its message of being wary of the perils of chemical enhancement, there are elements of the movie that I really enjoyed. If you’ve already seen it I won’t tell you anything you don’t already know. If you’ve not I seen the movie and or read the book let me say that I very much liked the plot twist on the use of MDT-48 that Brad’s character plays out on his would be supplier. Creepy and thought-provoking.



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