Star Wars – Aftermath by Chuck Wendig (4.5/10)

Chuck Wendig’s 2015 novel is a good read, sort of. There are some serious issues with the narrative of the book. The underlying story is engaging, drives forward and has all the usual good versus bad elements we all expect in a Star Wars story: A father taken away by the empire, a mother goes looking for him, a son left in the care of family.

But, and this is a big but, broken fragments of stories jump in, interspersed throughout the narrative of the main story; most jarring is a Han and Chewie mini story near the end of the book. I kept asking myself how does all of this matter to the main story? It doesn’t move it along, it doesn’t refer back to the past. Somewhere I got lost with these additional parts, and maybe I missed the point of them, but they became annoying. And more annoying as time went on. I wanted to see what would become of the main story and the characters I’d come to know.

Read the book, as it is worth reading, but just don’t expect to much. I wish that the author would have simply focused on the story, told it well and let us travel along with the characters and enjoy the journey.


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