The Seven Essentials of Woodworking – Anthony Guidice (7.5/10)

I’m skilling up my woodworking from ham-fisted to something better.

Along the way I’ve read several books to help me understand what I need to do to get the skills I need.

This book seemed to fit the skills that I felt i was lacking in and discusses some tools that I’ve not come across or had any knowledge of before.

The focus of Mr Guidice’s work is on the essentials:

  1. Joint making
  2. Measuring and marking
  3. Sawing to a line
  4. Sharpening tools
  5. Using hand planes
  6. Making mortise and Tenon joints, and
  7. Wood finishing.

Originally published in 2001 the skills are as relevant today as they were when this was written. Now to practice!



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