Entrepreneurship for the rest of us – Paul B Brown (9/10)

I really enjoyed reading this book. And I will read it again, and again. As a start-up business owner who is struggling his way through the startup part . What I took away from his approach was this: Serial entrepreneurs do not plan elaborately. The best entrepreneurs:

  1. Figure out what they want
  2. Take a small step toward  their goal
  3. Pause after taking that small step to see what they learned
  4. Build that learning into their next step,
  5. then go back to step one to make sure they are on track, or if they need to change their goal, before proceeding onto step two
  6. Rinse, lather and repeat

His methods are clear, demystify the start-up/entrepreneur mind-set and skill set and help you move forward to making a real change in your own life.


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