Woodworking DVDs on the Roubo Workbench

For a change I’m reviewing two DVDs about the Roubo workbench. If you are not sure what this is suggest a Google search to acquaint yourself with this remarkable piece of woodworking equipment.

Firstly the DVD is the companion to the book of the same name. The DVD covers the building, truing and finishing of the workbench, and is well worth a watch. This again came through my local Library service  and was very worthwhile watching.

As in most endeavours being able to watch as well as see helps this older man in the understanding of the how as well as the why!

Again I can only suggest that this is a very worthwhile and valued purchase for those interested in building themselves a fully functional Roubo styled workbench.

John Tetreault’s Hybrid Roubo Workbench DVD, also a loaner from the local Library service, id an outstanding video. While not a direct Roubo workbench build as in the other video, this one does add some minor, but what I feel are some significant improvements.

Among them is the sliding dead leg (my term) to allow you to use pegs to hold longer boards for edge work and so on.

The section on Mortise and Tenon joinery is among the best I’ve watched and again it shows you succinctly some outstanding woodworkers reasons for what they do.

Another great video and well worth the time to find and if you can borrow this excellent DVD. The kicker for me was the modified (sliding) dead leg. Outstanding idea.



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