Into the Black – Rowland White (10/10)

Space  is not just the final frontier. It is the story of the men and women who served our species in our race to reach for the stars. Unlike many other books on the American space program, this one focuses not on the first astronauts and their rides; rather it focuses on the group behind them who built and flew the Space Shuttle.

Starting with the first flights into space aboard the X-15 and other test (dare I say early space) planes this book is as much about the machines as it is the men and women who designed, built and flew them and of the extra-ordinary work they undertook scientifically and politically to keep the Shuttle and America’s space program alive.

I have read most everything on the US space program and found that this book satisfied my every need from the political, intellectual, scientific and personal viewpoint. Great read and well worth the effort to find on a subject that has not been well covered so far.


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