Phoenix Squadron – Roland White (8.5/10)

I wrote recently about Rowland Whites newest book (Into the Black) which I enjoyed so very much. I decided to read his entire catalogue and this is the first of his books that I received from our Library service.

His second book, written in 2009, is based on the moves for independence by government and people of what was then British Honduras (now Belize) and the response of the Guatemalan junta to that move.

With a focus on the Fleet Air Arm squadrons flying Buccaneers off the Brits last strike carrier ‘Ark Royal’ it is a great history of the early 1970s and the political and generational forces remaking the Royal Navy and in the end those that would reform the Australian Navy at that time.

A cracking read that covers every aspect of the conflict, inside and outside the navy, the UK and Guatemala. Well worth the read. It is interesting that only 10 years before the Falklands War of 1982, that the lessons learned in South America were so easily forgotten.


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