Vulcan 607 – Rowland White (9.5/10)

I have read almost everything I could find on the little war in the South Atlantic between the UK and Argentina over the Falkland Islands in early 1982. I had however, not realised that this book existed until I read Rowland White’s most recent book, Into the Black, reviewed late last month. As I’ve mentioned earlier I’m reading through the back-catalogue of Rowland White and Vulcan 607 added a lot of information on a corner of the war that I’d not previously read or understood.

This is literally a ‘could not be put down’ historic novel. There was a few nights where I was still reading at 01:00 hours and forcing myself to stop.

A story primarily of the men and the machines who executed the raid, there is also a focus on the chiefs of service who conceived the plan, convinced the politicians and eventually delivered the success in the Falklands when no other country believed it could be done.

A fantastic read, full of the frustrations of what really happens with operations, and the people and the stories of those who lived through it all both civilian and military.


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