Storm Front – Rowland White (9.5/10)

Apart from reading Into the Black, Roland White’s novel on the US Space Shuttle program from start to finish, I’ve not enjoyed reading about an unknown and unpublicised piece of history more in my last 30 years.

Focused on the Oman situation in early 1970s where Chinese and Soviet sponsored rebels were invading the country almost at will, with a Sultan too hidebound and rigid to bring his country into the 20th century/ Suffering from few roads, facilities (schools and hospitals) and little infrastructure to support his people Oman was ready to be taken over by the communist insurgent forces.

While Britain dithered politically the RAF and SAS servicemen did what they could to ensure the Sultanate’s survival. Giving the old Sultan’s son the time and space to build the infrastructure of a modern country. The core SAS  role of winning hearts and minds, more than anything else won the support of Oman’s people. When needed though a small band of men stood and fought almost to the death to stop 300 heavily armed insurgents  and save the country’s future.

A fantastic read; one book that saw me regularly reading until early morning hours.


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