Section 8 – Robert Doherty (7/10)

I’m a big fan of special forces thriller fiction; let’s put that on the table now. I’m also a fan of Bob Mayer (who also writes as Robert Doherty) so now you know all my secrets, well almost.

I enjoyed reading the book, I did, yet it felt like an almost realised idea not a complete book with a story arc that just did not quite reach ground on the other side. It read well, and it cracked along pace wise, yet it missed the sense of purpose I’ve found in so many other books by this author.

I think of it like watching a juniors football match, played with the same passion as the A grade players, just without the skill and panache you know you’ll get in the next match. I’m hoping to read more in this series to see if my experience improves.

And honestly 7/10 is not a bad score. It could have been better with a touch more focus on finishing the story, with less focus on getting you to buy the next book to see what it was all for.


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