Star Wars – Lost Stars – Claudia Gray (4.5/10)

I’ve read almost every Star Wars book . And I loved the way the universe was unfolding prior to Donald Duck’s takeover of the Star Wars Franchise. I did not enjoy ‘the Force Awakens’ movie, it left me cold and heartless (like Vader and the Emperor) and wishing they had won. I found the characters to be two-dimensional, cardboard cut-outs and so simple that I cringed in wait for a Disney princess to appear. Urgh! I need a shower… I feel so dirty.

While there is much good Young Adult (YA) fiction and science fiction this catch up book is not of that rank. On the positive side: Character development is adequate, and the pace is OK while missing large chunks of time. Negatives are that: I tired from being beaten over the head with the same concepts (duty and honour) and how this affected character actions and reactions.

According to the review on the Wookipedia page dedicated to the novel: ‘the book met with an overwhelmingly positive reception from Star Wars fans’. Then there was this doozy of a quote: “Saf,” a reviewer for the fan site Making Star Wars, described the title as “exciting and unpredictable,” stating that it expressed “an artistry similar to Stephen King.

“I think Disney is going to turn the Star Wars franchise into a parody of its true self and end up as nothing more than a Mickey Mouse job.”

I’ve read most of Stephen King’s early novels and I agree that he’s successful for a reason. Writing Star Wars like novels is not that reason. Comparing a Star Wars Universe novel to a Stephen King novel to convince me of your argument of the quality of said Star Wars novel – well the reviewer has lost the plot.

4.5 out of 10 is right for this novel. I’ve got my 12-year-old reading it at the moment. I’ll be interested in his take on the book when he has finished with it. It could be just a generational thing after all.

We can only hope that there’s more Star Wars and less Donald Duck in the future of the Star Wars’ Universe. My faith though is shaken; I think the franchise is going to end up a complete Mickey Mouse job.


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