Good cop, bad war – Neil Woods w/JS Rafaeli – 9.8/10

I have to admit to being quite sceptical when I began reading this book. Found on the ‘new’ stand at the library while picking up other books already ordered I set it aside for a couple of weeks while I worked through other items ahead of t in the queue.

With nothing more to read, or research, I found myself starting this book one afternoon after work. I read until about 1 AM finding that I could not put it down.

It is a compelling story, for both those interested in the life of undercover officers, and the tactics used to infiltrate themselves into the underworld. This book is so much more. Neil Woods didn’t write about someone’s experiences, he wrote about his. He wrote about the sadness of the average junkie’s life; the simple police approach to what is a very difficult and dangerous problem. He writes too about the war (hence the title) going on between the players and the police.

His premise is that drugs, drug detection and policing are locked in a cold-war embrace. Each side ratcheting up the stakes in a death spiral. Each developing and counteracting  the other with death and mayhem on both sides being the result. It is a very human view of what is often played out in the media otherwise. An outstanding and eye-opening read. I could not put it down. Finished in three long sessions.



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