How to be a writer – John Birmingham – 10/10

I loved it. Pure and simple. To increase your ability as a writer, better your craft and to understand the underlying reality of writing as a ‘job’ you should read John’s work.

Is the book profane and confronting? Yes it is, and John does profanity in a good way. John writes as he writes, he tells you what you need to hear. Not necessarily what you want to hear. Life is not puppies and rainbows. Life as a writer is about passion before reward. You have to really enjoy writing and sharing and this book hits you upside the head in spades with this fact. Get over yourself and get on with the job.

Additionally, John provides a huge amount of resources, especially for those in Australia to aid in getting your work out there and in the public domain. He helps you get through everything that stops you being productive, focused and published.

I know that there are those who won’t like this book. Tough luck sunshine. I loved it and am putting this one on my buy list.


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