Point of Impact – Stephen Hunter – 9.5/10

Stephen Hunter’s 1993 book was the inspiration for the 2007 movie “Shooter”. I liked the movie. The little guy outsmarting the big guys is essentially the premise of both the book and the movie. The book provides so much more of a journey.

A former marine sniper, wounded in Vietnam and medically discharged from the marines at the absolute top of his game is called back from a quiet life in the Arkansas woods by a shady firm looking to stop a ‘hit’ on the president by  persons unknown.

But it all goes horrible wrong and the marine finds himself in the cross hairs, first as the patsy and then as the target of the FBI, the shady people and finally the US Government. But there’s more going on here than just a great story. There are leaps in the narrative, where the character knows more than you, a device I find interesting as it flies in the face of the usual story tellers toolkit.

It was a cracking read. One that I simply could not put down. I read its 569 paperback pages in just 4 sittings over two days. Great book, and for fun I rewatched the movie one night during the process. As always the book was better.


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