The ML2 Story – Peter L Bermingham (9.5/10)

Subtitled “The history of the Victorian Railways’ famous B Class locomotive” this history tells the story of the introduction of Diesel Electric traction onto Victoria’s railways. It covers every phase of the process from the early days of the alternatives to steam traction through the introduction of the B class locomotives into service in July of 1952.

There is detailed technical discussion of the design, fit out, variations and challenges of the design as well as little known facts such as the design of EMD’s three axle truck came from the VR’s requirement for the B class. Every SD loco using the Co Flexi-Coil truck owes it to VR and the B class’ world leading design for quality of ride and ease of use on substandard track. This book is a must read for those of you interested in the history of Railways in Australia and those in the northern hemisphere interested in these now rare mainline diesel pioneers still roaming the railways of Australia today.


In the photo below we see B61 posed for photos on the Goulburn motive power centres turntable for the 2016 Streamliners event on Saturday October 1st 2016. Image courtesy of VICSIG. The photographer is Jai Balmer. This locomotive is named Bernie Baker after one her Drivers.



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