Flag in Exile – David Weber (8.7/10)

The fifth book in David Weber’s Honorverse has kept my interest, even though I’ve read the series in serial form, start to finish and one after another. Though somewhat concerned as I began reading this part of Honor’s journey, that thematic elements were leaking across books in the series, my rewarded by another great read.

Honor’s duelling skills have stood her in good stead, but killing a fellow peer of the realm, even one who has so richly deserved it, is poor form. And so her banishment from Manticore, and the Navy begins. But there’s more afoot than meets the eye. Political, social and personal tensions abound, leading to a rich tapestry of plot and counterplot with the common point of Honor Harrington.

Yet another good read, and surprisingly since I’m reading one book right after the next, I’m enjoying each book in its own right as well as the series in general. Honor Harrington is the type of character that I want my daughter to become, if perhaps not so blood soaked. Tough, caring, loving and fierce in defending her own.


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