Honor Among Enemies – David Weber (9.4/10)

After her successes in the service of the planet Grayson, as both Steadholder and Admiral, Honor needs no further accolades. Yet when Manticore calls, Honor rises to the occasion and comes back from her politically imposed exile.

This book sees Honor taking a step back down the ladder from Admiralship in the GSN to captain a four ship element protecting convoys deep in someone else’s backyard.

There’s the usual Honor Harrington derring-do, yet there’s also another side to Honor that we’ve only seen hinted at previously. It is another step along the road for both Honor the character and in the skills of her create Mr Weber.

Again the read was a roller coaster of emotions, tension, thrill, space battles, revenge, and redemption from the oddest quarters. Another great read in this sixth book in the Honorverse.


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