British Railway Signalling Development in Colour – Robert Hendry (6.5/10)

Another in the series of the ‘For the Modeller and Historian’ books produced by Ian Allan Ltd this volume’s focus is on Signalling Development. What I’d hoped to see was a visual journal of the styles of signals and signal boxes in use over time. What I got however was something quite different.

This is not to say that there’s no outstanding photos, because there are. But the title and the content share very little in common from my perspective.  The good when you see it, is very good. The signal box diagram for Bangor (Ireland) on page 73 is perfect; Cyril Freezer would be delighted as it is very close in form to his classic layout design ‘Minories’. There are some fantastic interior shots of the signallers workspace too. Lots of great detail for the modeller but I’m afraid while there is much good it doesn’t live up to the title.

Worthwhile? I’m only somewhat convinced and that simply because of the above. Anyway a 6.5 is all I’ve got for this one.


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