In Enemy Hands – David Weber (8/10)

After 6 novels, you have to wonder what else David Weber can come up with in the Honorverse. Honor’s clawed her way up through the ranks, she’s been blown up, cut up, shot up,  and yet through all that she’s kept her humanity intact.

In this the seventh book of the franchise Honor’s facing her toughest challenge yet – defeat at the hands of the Havenites.

But there’s more than just that in the story; there’s a lot of kindness and compassion and a view of what dignity is in times of strife and crisis.

And while Havenites, surrogates for the old Russian empire of the cold war, are a bad lot not all of them have lost their humanity. It is this thread that makes the book so worth reading. You’ll note that I’m reading the series from start to finish which I have to tell you is not easy. I get bored and restless easily and so plowing through the series did frighten me as I’ve enjoyed the books I’ve read in the Honorverse before. Thankfully so far, at around the halfway mark in the main stream of the series, I’m not regretting my decision to read them all.


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