Echoes of Honor – David Weber (7.5/10)

This is book eight in my read everything in the Honorverse odyssey, and to be frank I’m tiring. As the series has developed, Honor’s character has deepened and my enjoyment of her has deepened along with it. What I’m concerned about though is the authors including large sections of the narrative focusing on the other side of the story – the Havenites and their machinations. It almost feels like two books stuffed into one. Do I need to know about what’s happening on the antagonists side of the line – you bet! I’m just not sure that I need to know it at the level of detail I’m being given.

In some ways I’d be grateful if I did not know near as much as I do. My experience could be coloured because I’m reading the book in a way in which most authors would not, perhaps, think I would read the series – straight through. Most novels take at least a year or two to hit the market, so if you are reading along at that pace you need the reminders of the people, events and political actions (in this case) to refresh your memory. But enough of that.

Did I enjoy the book – yes I did. A great way to add depth of character, change-up the situation and put Honor herself in a new light – leading her people out of captivity – Moses has had a change of gender no less.



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