Ashes of Victory – David Weber (8.5/10)

I’ve enjoyed the series thus far. However, the last two books have proved to me that I need to take a break from the Honorverse for a while.  I whizzed through this book, in a most unseemly fashion I’ll admit, simply because of the amount of Havenite stuff going on. I want to read about the adventures of Honor Harrington, one-eyed, cat-hugging space hottie, kick ass Admiral (Nelson style – one-eyed and all) of the fleet and all around lover of animals. What I’m finding more and more is the machinations of the antagonists taking up huge tracts of the novel’s real estate.

DId I enjoy the book? Yes I did, that’s without doubt. However as I remarked in my review of the previous book I’m not sure that long series of this sort were ever meant to be read back to back in such a short time, nor so speedily. On average I read about 150 -200 pages on a work day; more on the weekend. So I’m plowing through a 600-ish page novel  every 3-4 days on average. I’ve had less time to forget all the details of the book that one might were they to read each novel separated by a longer period. I think this is affecting my enjoyment of the series. So for at least two weeks I’m going to stop and move onto other authors and subjects.

This book (number nine in the series) is still a good read though. You’ll enjoy it if you love the Honorverse. Just try not to read all other eight novels on the same weekend before this one though; alright?


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