American Gods – Neil Gaiman (a surprising 9.5/10)

Surprising? Yes actually it was as much because of my expectations from the recently released TV series, as much as the hype by other reviewers.

I watched the opening of the TV series first before I began reading the book, which is not how I usually do things. But in this instance I am glad that I did. Not only that but I got hold of a copy of ‘The Author’s preferred text’ from the local library.

This version is what Neil Gaiman describes as the ‘untrimmed text’.  At 635 pages it took me most of a week to work through simply because there is a lot to take in and I was busier than usual.

I’m now continuing on my journey a-la-TV series and enjoying it. Yet I am very glad that I read the book through first. That journey was far more engaging.


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