The wilful princess & the piebald prince – Robin Hobb (8.9/10)

Reading anything of Robin Hobb’s work in the Farseer multiverse is a reason to enjoy. This work though was interesting in that it fills in history in the Farseer lineage mentioned in the original trilogy, but little expanded upon. This novella is written in two parts; the first as the title suggests about the wilful Princess and her story leads to the second and the story of the piebald Prince (her son).

A prequel that expands upon the few mentions in the original trilogy reveals more about the tale passed down through the ages of how a pretender to the throne was thwarted by the rightful heir. With history inevitably written by the victor Hobb has taken an interesting literary turn by placing this interesting work in the reader’s domain. I enjoyed it. Read it in a day and found it to be as a good a read as any of her other work in the Farseer universe.



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